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Dixie Snyder

Integrative Care for Horses and Humans

Client Testimonials

My husband Jeremy Reynolds and I met Dixie in early 2011. She immediately went to work on A Kutt Above and a few others that we have. Our horses are Arabians. We do endurance racing at an international level and as you can imagine it takes everything in working order, as far as the horse's body is concerned, to get peak performance. The first race we went to after Dixie started working on our horses, our gelding, A Kutt Above, ran his fastest 100. He did it in 6hrs 54mins! Jeremy was riding him and said that he felt so loose and free. Later that summer Kutt won the individual Gold Medal at the North American Endurance Championship.

Dixie also worked on another gelding of ours named Riverwatch, aka Marvel. Marvel had been tight in his shoulders and Dixie fixed that with her magic hands. Marvel went on to win his first 100, which happened to be Tevis. He not only won the Tevis Cup but also was awarded the Haggin Cup (Best Condition). The double cup win has only been done 7 times in the 56 years of this race.

Before the races my husband and I went to Dixie's office and got ourselves tuned up. I could not really touch my toes before she worked on me (a problem that I had had for years) and immediately after she worked on me I could effortlessly palm the ground! I couldn't believe it. She really found problem areas and cleared them up so we could perform.

I would recommend Dixie Snyder to any serious horseman, competitive or otherwise, your horse will love you and your body will love you!

- Heather Reynolds, Jeremy Reynolds

and the Herd

When pain strikes I go to Dixie Snyder to put things right. After five sessions with her, my various pains had been released. My sciatica would hurt after 30 minutes in the car. After my first session I was on several road trips of 6 hours or longer pain free. Unlike many doctors, who have trouble coping when you mention more than one or two things, Dixie gets right into tackling the list.

Her caring manner offers comfort and her advanced knowledge of the body and use of Active Release Techniques always brings me relief. In my case relief lasted over 5 months, an amazing length of time for me to be pain free.


When I got my horse, Sarge, he was off the racetrack and came with a high degree of tightness all over his body. For a big horse, his short, stiff trot seemed very odd indeed. He had limited range of motion in his shoulders and was stiff in his hind end. I would never have bought him if it hadn’t been for my secret weapon, Dixie Snyder. I knew her advanced knowledge of the equine body and use of Active Release Techniques would help put Sarge right. Today Sarge is moving much more freely and just completed his first 100 mile ride in the top ten! Thanks Dixie, for your compassionate care of our wonderful horses

- Becky Hart, Horse Pro

I met Dixie in 1988 when she started training with me at my facility in Portola Valley. Before long, Dixie became a valued member of my team. Both my horses and myself have enjoyed the benefits of her expert bodywork. Over the years, she has helped me and many of my horses recover from the aches and pains that come with an active and competitive life. These days, her busy schedule keeps her traveling... I wish I could have her here every day! After a session with Dixie, my horses perform better, are more relaxed and show greater range of motion.

I recommend Dixie to my colleagues and friends because what she does is, quite simply, the best!!

- Carol Goodstein, Spring Down Equestrian Center

Heather & Jeremy Reynolds

USET Endurance Team Members

Becky Hart

3-Time FEI World Endurance Champion

Carol Goodstein


Spring Down Equestrian Center

Portola Valley, Ca

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