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Dixie Snyder

Integrative Care for Horses and Humans

After graduating from The San Francisco School of Massage, Dixie Snyder, C.M.T., launched her private practice in San Jose, California. Dixie’s whole-body approach evolved from her studies with osteopaths John E. Upledger, D.O., O.M.M., and Jean Pierre Barral, D.O., of The Upledger Institute. She received training in deep-tissue massage from Marge Kapsos, a pioneer in the field. Her work with horses was inspired by sports therapist Jack Meagher and her knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics benefited from studies in equine dissection led by Dr. Ivana Ruddock-Lange.

Today, Dixie combines her vast knowledge of horse anatomy, behavior and biomechanics with her expertise in massage therapies. Dixie is a certified Masterson Method provider and an innovator in state of the art movement based massage techniques. The Masterson Method is a gentle technique in which the therapist follows the horse’s response to touch in order to find and release accumulated muscle and structural stress that affects performance. Dixie helps to bring the horses into a calm, peaceful state using The Trust Technique, a mindfulness practice that releases stress and enhances the bond between horse and human.

Dixie demonstrates

The Masterson Method